Exercise is important for everyone’s health, but that goes double for children and toddlers. Children have a weaker immune system as their bodies are still growing and developing, and that’s the reason why it is so important they get enough physical exercise. Getting a stationary exercise bike for your toddler is a great way to keep your kids occupied, making sure that they get enough exercise without hurting themselves. Here are some of the benefits your kids will get after cycling.

1. Your kids will be physically active

Children need the exercise for their bodies to develop right. That can be tricky these days because kids prefer to spend their time in front of a TV set or a computer. Teaching your kids the importance of regular physical exercise is crucial and it is something that is going to stay with them for life. Proper exercising will improve your child’s health and riding a stationary bike is an excellent exercise.

2. You can keep an eye on them

With a stationary bike, you know that your kids will get the needed exercise, but you get to watch them the entire time, You don’t have to worry about them getting hurt by falling or getting hurt on the street. Furthermore, your kids will get the exercise they need while you can do something else like clean the house or prepare a meal.

fisher price smart cycle

3. Better learning and mental health

Physical fitness is closely connected to mental health. Children that get enough exercise have a higher ability to learn, they focus quicker and they stay focused for longer. These are all important things for a child’s happiness because physical activity boosts the production of serotonin and other hormones. Healthy children are able to make social connections without any problems.

4. Good for the environment

If your toddler learns to love riding a bike, he will stay more active throughout his entire life. The chances are that he’ll choose to ride a bike to school or to work, which is good for the environment.

5. Pure, healthy fun!

With all the health benefits in mind, getting a stationary bike for your toddler is an excellent idea, but small children lose interest quickly. They are all about exploring the world around them. Well, the designers of these bikes have thought about that problem and they came up with some interesting features. Some models have an integrated screen and controls kids use to play a variety of video games. Those features turn stationary cycling into a fun adventure. The games are suited for toddlers and kids, they will have a blast.

smart kids toy

We were most impressed by the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy with integrated smart technology that allows you to connect it to a tablet or TV screen. The kids have full control of the action on the screen and their progress depends on their pedaling. Some games are about learning letters, others are for spelling, rhyming and so on.

The Smart Cycle Toy can be connected to a tablet, TV screen, or a smartphone. The games feature up to 15 levels of play, and the Smart Cycle controls the difficulty based on your child’s progress. You can download the Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app to customize the game experience. The seat is fully adjustable and the kids can cycle as they grow. There are many options, settings, and games designed to teach your children the right stuff, and the pedaling keeps them healthy.


The problem with overweight children in America is getting out of hand because of an unhealthy diet and not enough exercise. They are surrounded by technology, computers, smartphones, TV screens, and other devices that make them passive. The parents are often at work, or busy with chores so they don’t have enough time to think about what the kids are doing all the time. These bikes for toddlers allow you to watch them as they have fun and get all the other health benefits of cycling.