Are you looking for a way to make your lower body stronger? Do you find it boring to go to the gym, but you still want to get the proper exercise you need? Well, the piece of equipment that can help you achieve this without even leaving the comfort of your home is the exercise bike.

Most gyms have them, so you know how they look like and how they work. They are basically a stationary exercise bike that works the same as a standard bike, but it also monitors your heart rate, the calories you’ve burned, and other things too.

If you are looking to buy one of these bikes yourself, these are the health benefits you’ll get if you stick to a workout routine.

The Benefits

1. Cardio

When people hear the word cardio they only think about running. The truth is that you can still get the cardio exercise needed to keep your body’s immunity system on a healthy level. The body builds up a tolerance and the more we run, the fewer calories we burn. The exercise bike is a great cardio option that gives you all the benefits of any other cardio exercise. You will improve your respiratory system and your heart with regular cycling.

2. Improve your strength

Cycling uses most of the muscles in our legs and lower body, which is why it’s great for strength training. The cycling motion does not only burn excess calories, it also burns fat and helps your muscles grow and become stronger. If you continue with this exercise, you will see the results within a couple of months.

Man exercising

3. Losing weight

This is perhaps the most important benefit of cycling. Losing weight is a nightmare for some people, especially if they are overweight. Running demands a lot of energy and it puts a lot of strain on the joints and muscles. That’s why cycling is a great exercise with plenty of benefits. Your strength increases, you burn tons of calories while doing it and that helps you lose the extra weight. Some studies suggest that an average woman burns up to 500 calories cycling for an hour.

Cycling is a great exercise because it burns off the calories and fat, but it also strengthens your entire lower body. Even if you are busy with your job or house chores, 20 minutes of cycling every day is enough to keep your body weight in check.

4. There is no risk

Lifting weights or even something simple like running can cause an injury. Knee and ankle joint injuries are much more common than you think. Using a stationary bike takes all those risks away, you won’t even have to leave the house. The bike is perfectly anchored to the ground, so you won’t fall over. Cycling is good because it doesn’t put a lot of impact on your joints and knees. It makes them even stronger than before.

couple exercising

5. It’s easy and super convenient

Cycling is an easy exercise because you can choose the speed and the resistance from the pedals. You get all of these options with the bike. Set the level to what you feel comfortable with and pace your exercise as you want. Stationary bikes are super convenient because you don’t even have to leave your house. You can also multitask while cycling. You can watch TV, read, brush your teeth, and do many more things while you are working on your figure. That’s a great way to stay fit and healthy in today’s world where time is money.

6. You will feel better

It is a well-known fact that physical activity increases the levels of happiness hormones in our bodies, which further improves our mood. Cycling boosts energy levels and relieves you of stress. So, you don’t only work on your physical health, your mental health will improve as well.

Happy and healthy woman

7. Overall better health

With everything considered, cycling helps in many ways. It efficiently burns fat, increases muscle tone of the lower body, helps you feel better, and boosts your immune system. It also prolongs the life of your heart and the entire cardiovascular system. It can even benefit your child. Still thinking of getting a stationary bicycle? What are you waiting for?

If you are a visual learner check out this infographic: